Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adorable Kinders Dolls now available!

These adorable dolls at proudly made in the USA and help with your child's development!

The fundamental theme of the Adorable Kinders collection is an active group of kindergarten friends. Each doll comes with an internet key-code that may be used to register online at the “Adorable Kinders School”. There children can play educational games that make learning fun (Preschool & K-12).

They've been designed for durability, while eliminating the uncomfortable hard plastic heads and extremities that other dolls have. Adorable Kinders dolls come dressed in a removable colorful outfit, that are interchangeable from one doll to another. Dolls and clothes are washable, and soft-doll stuffing is made from non-allergenic 100% polyester.

A wonderful gift for the little one in your life!

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